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Once booked you will receive a full confirmation via email giving you all of your check in details and other important information.  Please make sure you keep this and let us know if you have questions.

Booking policies

Vacation Rentals:

The reason we have such a large inventory of vacation rentals is because we are a third party reservation service and we work with all the main property managers in town.  However, this does mean that the properties we show have a variety of different terms and conditions when booking.  We will detail these and give you a full price before you book but in the meantime the information below should help you get an idea of what you need to know:

1.  Most properties charge a onetime booking fee which is usually between $30.00-$80.00.

2.  Most have a damage waiver fee in place of a security deposit.  This is usually between $35.00-$75.00.

3.  Monthly rentals usually still have a security deposit of $500.00 which is refundable.

4.  Some weekly rentals do have cleaning fees.  All monthly rentals have cleaning fee.

5.  If you are bringing a pet there will be a fee and this has to be prearranged with the owners.

6.  Smoking is not allowed inside any of our properties but is usually allowed on balconies or outside.

7.  All rentals require a deposit to book.  Most require 50%, a couple with take a one night deposit and some of our nightly rentals do require a full prepay.

8.  All vacation rentals require guests to be 25 or over unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

9.  All rentals have a limit on how many people can stay there and this is enforced.

10. Cancellation penalties will be discussed at time of booking.  Trip insurance is recommend especially during the hurricane season.  Cancellation penalties are usually stricter during holidays and special events.

11. You can not have mail or packages sent to any of these rental properties as they usually have a “forward” on behalf of the owners.  Check with us if you need something sent.

12. Guests are not usually refunded for leaving their rental before the end of their term.

13. Check-in times are usually after either 3pm or 4pm and check-out is usually by 11am. We can request early/late but this is not guaranteed

14. Please remember that although you are on vacation others close by may not be so give consideration to your neighbors.

15. You will receive a contract for your weekly or monthly rentals but most nightly rentals just email a confirmation.  Please read these thoroughly as we can not be responsible for errors.

Hotels and Inns

Most take a one night plus tax deposit when you book and you usually have up to 7 days to cancel.  Some have cancellation penalties before that time and this will be discussed upon booking.