Key West

Key West

Key West is an island 129 miles southwest of Miami (160 miles by car) and just over 100 miles from Havana, Cuba.  Once a navy town and Winter home to Harry S Truman who resided at the Little White House on Front Street, Key West is now a bustling tourist destination with year round visitors from all over the World.  There was a time when the little island paradise used to just about shut down during the summer months but that is no longer the case as there are many popular events throughout the Summer months, although August and September are still the quietest times.

Key West is a unique destination with a diverse local community whose motto is  “we are all one human family”.  It is not inexpensive so do not expect to get huge accommodations for you dollars.  Key West may be Florida but it really is very unlike any other part of Florida you have ever visited.  With high temperatures year round Key West is a popular winter retreat for ‘snowbirds’ from all over the country who mainly stay from January to end of March which tend to be the busiest months here on the island.  Winter temperatures generally keep in the 70’s although cold spells can blow through and short spurts of chilly weather are not uncommon although brief.  Summer is particular hot and humid and hurricane season runs from June to November although the island has been spared for many, many years although the locals will still get excited by bad weather as it is always a great excuse for a party!  Fishing is exceptionally popular during the summer months when the waters are generally calm and very warm and the fish are in abundance.  Key West is home to many fishing charters whether private charters or on one of the many party boats.

Key West is very much known for it’s Duval Street nightlife.  With great local musicians there is always a good selection of live music to choose from whether you venture to the Green Parrot Bar or Schooner Wharf.  Jazz and blues is popular with nightly entertainment at the La te Da piano bar, Virgilio’s or the Little Room Jazz club on Duval.  You can not visit Key West without seeing a drag show and Aqua Nightclub on Duval has become infamous throughout the World for its nightly performances.

Fabulous chefs from all over the globe have started restaurants here and the local cuisine is comparable to New York and New Orleans with many styles and different fusions.

People come to Key West and never leave.  Celebrities visit on a regular basis.  Key West is on everyone’s bucket list.

There is one road in and the same road out.  Key West is not for those in a hurry.  Locals complain if they have to use their car to get to the grocery store.  Preferred means of transportation here is a bicycle or on foot.  Key West is a shorts and t-shirt sort of place where bare feet are not uncommon.  Dressing up may involve a dressier pair of shorts and a clean shirt.  Those that live here rarely own an iron and even the socialites do not stress about their evening attire.   Hemmingway made this his home as did Tennessee Williams and many other writers and artists.  Key West remains a very artsy community so do check out our local galleries and don’t forget our theatre which presents top notch plays mainly during the winter but with summer specials also.

Whether people come here for the history, the partying, the fishing or simply for the comfort found in a friendly community, they come here and they come here often and they come here in their thousands.  Last minute bookings are not a good idea.  Properties rarely discount their rates.  If you find something on Craigslist for half the price, it’s a scam.  This is Key West.  You do get what you pay for but it will always be money well spent.  Come visit, Key West is not just a vacation destination it is the best therapy you can get.